Frequently Asked Questions

I have various fees, please check out my Fees and Availability Page

Sessions are totally confidential. There are some exceptions where information maybe shared but where possible it will be kept to the minimum and you will be consulted first. All these will be discussed with you in the first session.

Instead of your session being in an office we take things outside and gain the extra benefits of being in nature. I have 8 planned locations in and around Northampton, you choose where you would like to go. Check out my blog for more info.

Ideally to get the most from our sessions I would recommend weekly. However there is room for flexibility dependant on your circumstances.

It is not my role or position to judge you. i am there to use my experience and training to help you as best I can.

I cant tell you if its working or not but hopefully you will notice changes and positive differences in your life. Also we will do regular reviews to assess how you feel things are going, where you are with any goals you may have come to therapy with and make any required adjustments to a “treatment” plan. 

Untangling thoughts
Safe Space

I can’t really answer that question for you. If you think you could benefit from counselling or hypnotherapy then try it. I’ve also published a couple of blogs which may give you more idea about counselling is about and where to look for help

Sessions can get quite emotional sometimes, particularly when we talk about something that means a lot to you or causes you hurt, it is a totally natural response. If it happens during a Walk’N’Talk session it may also feel more exposing because of encountering other people. I will always try to walk routes that are quiet, and have found other people rarely notice, they are usually either wrapped up in their own lives or see I am there  to help (assuming I’m a friend) so don’t think more about it.

Instead of working with the “conscious” mind, we work with the sub or unconscious mind. We use the subconsious part of our minds for so much yet we don’t realise it; how often have you had so much on your mind that you have managed to walk/cycle/ drive to a destination without knowing how you got there? Whilst your conscious mind was busy “thinking” your subconscious was busy keeping you safe and getting you there. It notices, does and remembers much more than your conscious mind, accessing it via hypnotherapy can prove to have a much more powerful effect in identifying causes of problems and creating solutions for change.

A standard counselling session is 50 minutes, Hypnotherapy is 1 hour

Wherever possible I will try to cater for your ability. If you have access to a computer, tablet or phone and are able/ comfortable using these then I am available via Zoom online sessions. If your preference is for Walk’N’Talk then I will try with your input and guidance, to modify any of my routes to help you

No, in fact I would say quite the opposite. Admitting you need help, that you don’t have all the answers and/or can’t do it alone means you are a strong person not willing to settle or give up. You are possibly just not sure what to do next, and are open to the idea of learning new things from someone who has training in this area in order to achieve better for yourself

Have a question I’ve not answered? Not a problem, why not contact me?