Walk and Talk

Harlestone Firs

This 300 acre woodland is owned and managed by the Althorpe Estate. As the name suggests the wood is predominately fir but there are plenty of other species of tress and planting. Popular with walkers but big enough with various routes to ensure quietness

Bradlaugh Fields

Bradlaugh fields is a 60 hectare wildlife park and nature reserve. Managed by Northampton Council and a group of local volunteers. Predominately made up of grassland, cut into walkways by bushes and trees.  A popular place for dog walkers but usually fairly quiet.

The Racecourse

Once an actual race course which closed in 1904. This 118 acre park is centrally located in the town with excellent bus connections. Various concrete paths crisscross open grass land. Popular with sports and town activities weekends but reasonably quiet during the week.

Delapre Abbey

Known mainly for the Abbey which in one form or another has stood on the land since the 1100s, Delapre is set in approximately 500 acres of parkland, made up of a lake, woodland, a walled garden and open grassland. There are various routes available all maintained by the parks own rangers.

Abington Park

The park is one of Northampton’s oldest parks and is very well renowned for being popular with families. But once you get away from the central “play” area, its 117 acres offers lots of quiet areas, rolling grassland, 2 lakes and numerous maintained pathways to explore or quietly sit an contemplate.

Storton’s Pit & Reservoir

Covering approximately 50 hectares Storton’s Pits has a wide range of different walks to suit. The Grand Union and River Nene flow to one side, the reservoir centrally and then to the other side is the nature reserve. Mainly used as a cut through its a bit of a quiet hidden gem.

Northampton Washland 

Situated behind Riverside Retail Park, the Washlands is part of the Upper Nene Valley Gravel Pits Project to monitor and give refuge to wetland birds breeding and over wintering in our country. Not very well know by many, it is quite a quiet rolling grassy landscape with lots of birds calling and the occasional sheep.

Irchester Country Park

Set in a 200 acre woodland, Irchester Country Park has a network of trails each of different lengths etc. depending on ability. Away from the main area it is quite a popular place with walkers but due to the size is still reasonably quiet. Predominantly woodland there is also grassland area all maintained by rangers

Walk Around Northampton

These are 8 location I have chosen, that I have planned and believe provide a safe space in nature to talk and walk/sit. If there is somewhere I’ve not included or you would like to know more why not call me and we can have a chat?