I'm still here for you, walk'n'talk and online appointments available

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost? I have various prices, please check out the Terms/Fees page for more information

How frequently do I need to have sessions? Ideally once a week, but if this is not possible then it needs to be at least once a fortnight to gain the most benefits.

How long to sessions last? A standard therapy session is 50 minutes long

How do I know I need help or what’s right for me? Check out my Blog post which may give you more information

Will other people find out I’m having counselling / hypnotherapy?  Not unless you want them to or unless you meet certain criteria which will be discussed in our first meeting where a contract will be agreed on. All the ladies in the building i work are very friendly, discreet and because it is a multi-user place no one will know who are or who you’re coming to see and why.

Are you going to judge me? In short no, I am trained to be open, non-judgemental and to respect differences and diversity.

What is Walk’N’Talk? Instead of having your session in an office or online we go outside. I have several predetermined places where we can go walk and talk, sit on a bench and talk or just be out in nature for a while. If you would like to know more why not check out my blog or contact me

How do I know if it’s working? I can’t tell you that, your the best person to know if things are feeling and getting better for you. However we will regularly review treatment, which is a two way format with input from both parties and make any adjustments that are required.

What happens if I cry or get very emotional in a session? Sessions can get quite emotional particularly when something is hard to talk about or very important to you, so it is totally natural and normal

Does asking for counselling or hypnotherapy mean admitting failure? No, it simply means you are willing to work on yourself to deal with issues you may have. Life doesn’t come with an instruction book is it any surprise it doesn’t always go to plan. The equivalent would be going to a doctor to get something sorted that went physically wrong.

Do you have disabled access? Unfortunately my office is currently located on the second floor and there is not a lift so it does not have disabled access. However I do offer online counselling, Walk’N’Talk (locations, routes etc. can tailored as requested) and home visits. 

What is hypnotherapy? Instead of working with the conscious mind, we bypass that and work with the subconscious which is much more powerful and more likely to create lasting change

Will hypnotherapy cause me to loose control or act stilly/inappropriately? No, stage hypnosis is what most people think of when they think of hypnotherapy, however they only show you a very small part of it. People who do this are very carefully chosen and prepared to be on stage and most of the things theydo are because they want to or they feel hypnotherapy gives them permission to do it. Ethically I would never do or encourage you to do something that you had not given permission for before our session. My only interest is to help you overcome whatever difficulties you have, if you wish anything else then you will need to talk to another hypnotist.

Have a question not yet answered? Not a problem why not Contact Me?