How do you know you need a counsellor?

How do you know if you need a counsellor? As a counsellor that question could seem so easy to answer. I can tell you most of the reasons why you may need a counsellor, and I can even tell you most, if not all of the benefits you would get by talking to one/me, but maybe this is not the right place to start. 

Even thinking about counselling for many is a monumental step and that is before they even get to the question “how do I know?”. It raises a lot of feelings about failure, not being good enough, problems with mental health, and talking about stuff that “should never be said”. Counselling is very much seen as the last resort, something which will only be done willingly if there is no other option.  

Perhaps then you’re asking the wrong question, instead ask yourself “Could I benefit from seeking a counsellor?” Just by changing the question, it opens up a whole new thought process and as a consequence, provides completely different answers. Instead of counselling being there because you have failed, (and as some see it, as a bad thing never to be done let alone thought about), it raises the possibility it could be another tool in your kit to help improve and better yourself. The ultimate self care for your mind as well as your body

Who doesn’t want to feel more confident, calmer, sleep better etc. (the list is quite long). Whatever the answer, counsellors are not just there when everything feels like it  is falling apart, they provide support, a new way of looking at things,  a listening ear and will help you to learn to help yourself. Counselling is a talking therapy designed to the needs of each individual, there is no ‘One size fits all”. So to go back to the original question “How do I know I need a counsellor?”, my simple answer is, if you have asked yourself the question, then chances are you do.

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